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In February 2017 the very first TEDx event was held in Nordland. Mosjøen to be more specific — The event gathered around 70 people. I did all the branding and graphic production for the entire event. Also I coached some of the speakers before the event.


The goal

Create a TEDx event which would light a spark in other people. An event that not only would be the first TEDx in Mosjøen, but in Nordland and to do something to satisfy my own need to create and also something that would put my home town on the map — seen with TED eyes, at least. 

The story

We were three people involved in the process. Tom Duesund, being the «pollinator» of the idea back in the summer of 2016. He introduced me for the idea and, needless to say, I was in. We got Hans Christian Digermul on the team, a musician with experience of what a stage should look like. Tom and I created the topic for this event and started talking to people to find good speakers. 

Event branding

The event had «Out of your comfort zone» as the topic and I had an illustration made based on my ideas for it. An austronaut going outside his comfort zone which leads to his connection to the safe is breaking. A lot of people who goes out of their comfort zone find them self in the middle of succsess, but also a lot of them find failure. The ladder is maybe something that gives the most valuble lessons.

All these things we people do teaches us something and gives us ideas. And that's what's TED is about — sharing an idea.

Social media strategy

We used only Facebook in our communication to reach our potential audience. This worked well — what didn't work well was our assumption that «…everybody have probably heard about TED and TEDx». Seen in retrospect this naiv thought costed us a lot in the form of getting our message out to the people. Aside from that we posted 27 posts where five of those were sponsored.

We have taken a learning from our failed strategy and to next time we will activily go in to inform ad hock when a new speakers is confirmed, the event venue is booked and information like this. Also we need to target people that would be interested, A/B test our content and find good KPI's that can be messured.

For our next event we now have a lot more content to put out there, so Facebook, Instagram and Snap would be natural platforms to use. As well as the local newspaper and of course the word of mouth is important.

The speakers

Being a non-profit organization and with no current backing we were led to only getting speakers that was from Mosjøen, or had moved to Mosjøen. Finding speakers was no problem. Mosjøen is flowering with people who have ideas worth spreading. We had a long list with candidates which was shaved down — and those candidates would become the five speakers of TEDxMosjøen.


Live Spurkland, ingeniør ved Alcoa Mosjøen. She spoke about the friction material for bike riders jerseys.
How to create less drag in the textiles and developments that have taken place in the textile content of jerseys since the first riders struggled over the Alps. With narrow margins among the best performers is the crucial time to avoid resistance in air.
The development continues.


Andreas Steffensen, works as an IT consultant. told his story about the source of his creative urge. After a tour of Japan he witnessed, for him, unknown technology. This made an impression. Back home, he has therefore started volunteering service Entrepreneur garage, where several enthusiastic meet under the tab "Creativity and creative enthusiasm." It held workshops in garage, for those who are inspired by innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Andreas claim we all carry on a small creator, and that we can make a difference if this unleashed.


Kim Erik Ånes, manager for a eSports team. The gamer «Zarotan» had the subsequent appearance in Kim Erik Ånes' figure. He gave us an introduction to electronic sports (eSports), and speaks about what have taken place during his career as a gamer so far. From being a few to become a global, major, organization that engages hundreds of millions to follow players tournaments. «…maybe you parents out there shouldn't be to worried when your kid is sitting in his or hers room gaming all day».


Per Theodor Tørrissen, chef. Spoke about food and our relationship to it. We think that tacos need to be from Santa Maria, and that fish has to be in sticks. This point of takes away the experience of food. Something you enjoy with your eyes, nose and touch as much as your mouth. 


Kjersti Kvalvik, body language expert. Kjersti gave a talk on communication via body language, how the brain processes the expression in our body language. Intuitive reaction patterns and how this affects us in everyday life. The brain will pick up signals from a body which exhibits negativity or positivity.
A mouth that smiles will affect brain to be happy, a good tip here was biting of a pen, to give mouth in a smile. It can turn your day.

The performers

Performers can make a bold statement with their act, or can simply be a beautiful «palate cleanser» for the audience in between a couple of your more serious talks. In our event we had two performers in between the speakers. 


Astri Langmo Tømmervik, dancer. A magical dance performance you would not have missed, accompanied by music by Hans Christian Digermul. Contributions also from Kevin Nordås and Rune Lund.


Alf Marius Valan, musician. TEDx Mosjoen finished musical by Alf Marius and his bass, custom made in Australia, and effects via digital equipment. This was truly a unique musical experience. Very well delivered by young Mr. Valan.

Video coming soon

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